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Nokia introduces beautiful Nokia Asha 502 in the Philippines


An even more social Asha with live updates and WhatsApp
Fastlane is the unique, second screen that acts as a shortcut to the phone’s recently accessed apps, features and content, as well as future activity, such as calendar appointments. It’s the fastest way to access an app in its last state, as well as being the social hub of the new Nokia Asha 502. Deeper integration with social networks now enables live updates, which alert people to likes and comments through notifications on Fastlane. By clicking on the Fastlane item with new notifications, people will be directed to the relevant post, so they never miss an important update. Fastlane can be further personalised and made more private by selecting what content can appear on-screen, and by deleting unwanted Fastlane items, on the go.

For the first time, WhatsApp will also be available to Asha Platform devices, starting with the Nokia Asha 501 in the fourth quarter 2013, with support for new devices like the Nokia Asha 502 coming later. WhatsApp joins other popular chat and messaging apps already available for Asha Platform devices, such as WeChat, Line, eBuddy and Nimbuzz. Thousands more free apps, games and content items are available on Nokia Store.

“We’ve enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Nokia and are proud to feature WhatsApp on the new Asha devices, starting with the Nokia Asha 501 and new Nokia Asha 502,” said Jan Koum, CEO and co-founder, WhatsApp. “WhatsApp and Nokia share a common aim of connecting ‘the next billion’ and as we’ve seen arcoss the globe, Nokia and WhatsApp combined, give people a powerful tool to connect with the wider world.”

Additional product information for Nokia Asha 502
• Display: 3” QVGA screen
• Weight: 100g (including battery)
• Standby time: up to 24 days
• Network: 2G
• Camera: 5MP camera with flash
• Other: Bluetooth 3.0 with SLAM
• Suggested retail price: PHP 4,800
• Available colours: black, white, yellow, green, cyan, and red


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